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1. Daddy Sang Bass
2. He Looked Beyond My Fault
3. Mama's Teaching Angels How To Sing
4. Mansion Over The Hilltop
5. He Touched Me
6. How Great Thou Art
7. Three Wooden Crosses
8. Ascending High
9. When He Was On The Cross
10. Mama Sang A Song
11. Peace In The Valley
12. Go Rest High On That Mountain
13. In The Garden
14. Amazing Grace
15. Reach Out To Jesus
16. The Gospel According To Luke
17. Angels Among Us
18. I Dreamed About Mama Last Night
19. The Lighthouse
20. If I Can Dream
1. God's Gonna Call
2. Last Night I Went To Heaven
3. Jesus Is My Lighthouse
4. Ascending High
5. Can You Walk The Walk
6. Ten Thousand Angels
7. God's Miracles
8. From Beyond The Milky Way
9. Jesus Hold My Hand
(just one more time)
10. Old Train 98
11. From His Nail Pierced Hands
12. Do All The Angels Have Wings
13. I Believe In Angels
14. The Mighty Voice Of God
15. A Long Way Back To You
16. Jericho Falls
17. Do You Hear Me
18. Touched By Angels
19. Light At The End Of The Darkness
20. Come Back Home
21. Those Old Time Gospel Songs
22. Miracles Still Happen
23. Knock And God Will Let You In
24. The Third Man
25. We Have Jesus And Heaven To Gain
26. When The Trumpet's Sound In Glory
27. If You Take The Hand Of Jesus
28. The Family Bible
29. I'll Cherish The Old Rugged Cross
30. I Felt The Hand Of The Man,
Called Jesus
31. Suppertime
32. Believe In Him
33. Standing In The Light Of His Grace
34. Jesus Heard The Dogwood Cry
35. She Prays
36. If You Miss Heaven
37. Mother's In Heaven
38. One More Valley
39. Love Kept Him There
40 No One Ever Walks Alone
1. Train Bound For Glory
2. Touched By Angels
3. She Prays
4. Standing In The Light Of His Grace
5. Jesus Take My Hand
(just one more time)
6. The Carpenter's Son
7. Believe In Him
8. I Stepped Out Of The Darkness
9. The Mighty Voice Of God
10. No One Ever Walks Alone
1. God's Gonna Call
2. God's Miracles
3. From Beyond The Milky Way
4. Jericho Falls
5. I'll Cherish The Old Rugged Cross
6. I Believe In Angels
7. Without You, I Can Do Nothing
8. To Make The Journey Home
9. It's Time For Jesus
10. When The Trumpet's Sound In Glory
11. If You Take The Hand Of Jesus
12. The Family Bible
13. Love Kept Him There
1. Let's Dance
2. I Need You Strong For Me
3. My Little Idaho Potato
4. The Road To Hell
5. Bluest Eyes Of Montana
6. Tie'n The Knot
7. We Can Make It Better
8. The Jukebox, George Jones & Me
9. The Morning After
10. Amy's Eyes
11. I Want To Be A Cowboy
12. Dance In The Rain (with me)
13. The Closest Thing To Heaven
14. I'd Love To Be An Eagle
15. All We Have Is Love
16. The Choice Of Freedom
17. Watching Over Me
1. If I Could Only Write A Song 2. My Last
3. Holdin' On
4. If You'd Stop Loving Me
5. That Dog Won't Hunt
6. Please Dance This Last Dance (with me)
7. Water Under The Bridge
8. A Cowboy Hides His Pain
9. A Single Yellow Rose
10. Let's Do It For The Children
11. I Felt The Hand Of The Man
(called Jesus)
12. They Fight For The Right
1. Where Did The Music Go
2. A House Full Of Strangers
3. Our Love's Just Another Honky
Tonk Song
4. My Brother (A Tribute To Glenn Perry)
5. Time Stands Still
6. She Calls Me Daniel
7. Any Ole' Time
8. I Forget You Everyday
9. Just Another Reason To Fall
10. One Love
11. Burn Me Once, Burn Me Twice
12. In The Twilight Of Our Love
13. The Far Side Of The Tracks
14. John You're Flying Higher
(A Tribute To John Denver)
1. Wheels Goin' Nowhere
2. Walkin' In Hank Williams Shoes
3. Finally Coming Home
4. Loco In Mexico
5. Winter's Child
6. Honk If You're A Honky Tonk
Truck Driver
7. Songwriter (Dream On)
8. Every Boy Needs A Hero
9. Lady Of Laredo
10. Redneck's Cadillac
11. 8 Seconds At A Time
12. When I Close My Eyes
13. Truck Drivin' Son Of A Gun
14. Grandma's Old Guitar
1. The Flag Of Freedom
2. This Is Our Country
3. Lady Liberty Weeps
4. This Purple Heart
5. Oh! Arlington
6. Proud To Be American
7. They Fight For The Right
8. Boy's Come Home
9. The Vietnam Memorial
10. We Have Died For Our Country
11. Prisoner Of War
12. Thank God For Heroes Now
13. Where Arlington Heroes Lie
14. A Soldier Coming Home
15. Liberty
16. God Bless The U.S.A.
1. New Friends Are Silver, Old Friends
Are Gold
2. There'll Be A Honky Tonk Piano
In Heaven
3. My Picture Book Of Life
4. Close To Home
5. My Brother
6. Jesus Heard The Dogwood Cry
7. My Sad Song Anthem
8. How Much Does A Mem'ry Weigh
9. If You Could See You
(Through My Eyes)
10. Thank God For Heroes Now
11. Tombstone Highway
12. Pandora's Chest
13. Winter's Child
14. If I Could Cross That Bridge Again
15. What I Didn't Say
16. Pearl Harbor
17. A Christmas Card From Daddy
1. Redneck's Cadillac
2. To Not Give Up The Game
(An Athlete's Prayer)
3. Wine Me Up
4. This Little Girl Of Mine
5. I've Got A Date With A Honky
Tonk Angel
6. A Memory In My Memory
7. I Hear Texas Calling Me
8. There'll Be A Honky Tonk Piano
In Heaven
9. Two Hearts
10. My Mama Walks Beside Me
11. She's Every Woman
12. The Key To Your Heart
13. Comin' On Strong
14. I Must Leave You Now
15. Back Home In Tennessee
16. Bye Bye Love
1. Forever Love
2. Will You Marry Me
3. My Heart Will Go On
4. I Swear
5. True Love Ways
6. Don't Close Your Eyes
7. Hero
8. The Man In Love With You
9. God Must Have Spent A Little More
Time On You
10. After The Lovin'
11. My Woman, My Woman, My Wife
12. Unchained Melody
13. Wonderful Tonight
14. Walking Piece Of Heaven
15. My Only Love
16. I Love How You Love Me
17. Amazing Love
18. She Believes In Me
19. I Cross My Heart
20. Someone Loves You Honey
21. Let It Be Me
22. The Wonder Of You
1. Christmas Is Here
2. A Rocky Mountain Christmas
3. Christmas In Wonderland
4. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
5. A Christmas Jubalee
6. Santa's From Montana
7. The Christmas Light
8. The Christmas Song
9. The Joy Of Christmas
10. Santa's R&R
11. Christmas Just Ain't Christmas
Without You
12. This Time Of You
13. When Rudolph's Ready To Dance
14. C-h-r-i-s-t-m-a-s
1. A Wonderland Christmas
2. Christmas Again
3. The Little Cowboy
4. Elmo The Reindeer
5. The Night That Santa Cried
6. Candles and Mistletoe
7. The Candy Cane Legend
8. A Christmas Wedding
9. Star In The East
10. The Christmas Blues For You
11. God's Promise, Heaven's Sign
1. Just Another Smokey Mountain
2. All I'm Wanting For Christmas Is You
3. The Manger Child
4. It's Gonna Be A Merry Christmas
5. Christmas Wishes
6. There's Just No Joy This Christmas
7. Mr. & Mrs. Snowman
8. All Because Of Christmas
9. Merry Christmas Hobo Style
10. Christmas Blues
11. Christmas Is My Favorite Time Of Year
12. Elroy The Christmas Elf
13. Christmas Is For Children
14. California Christmas
15. Mary's Little Boy Child
1. The Snowman
2. We're Gonna Rock Around The
Christmas Tree Tonight
3. Christmas Magic
4. He Was Born On Christmas Day
5. That Holiday Feelin'
6. I Saw Santa In A Country Bar
7. One Long, Silent Night
8. Once Upon A Christmas
9. Santa, Send Me A Mommie
10. Rudolph Saved The Day
11. Birth Of A King
12. Christmastime Annie
13. Wonderland
14. A Baby Has Been Born
15. Unlikely Angel
1. Holy Ground
2. Upon The Dogwood Tree
(where Jesus was crucified)
3. 911 Please Connect Me To Heaven
4. Without You, I Can Do Nothing
5. Heaven's Highway
6. Reign In Heaven
7. Do You Know What Jesus Died For
8. Mama Prayed And Jesus Answered
9. Prayer's For The Children
10. Jericho Falls
11. Jesus Loves You
12. He Let His Son Come In
13. Ten Thousand Times Ten Thousand
14. From Beyond The Milky Way
15. Time With The Lord
16. The Manger Child

1. No Time Like The Holidays
2. If Rudolph Lost His Glow
3. Christmas In Montana
4. We'll Call Her "Christmas Love"
5. He Blessed Us All With Love
6. Santa's Gonna Come In A Four Wheel
7. What Child
8. A Star In The Texas Sky
9. The Christmas Gift Of Love
10. What Would Christmas Be
Without Christ
11. Looking For Mrs. Claus
12. Daddy's Home For Christmas
13. The Spirit Of Christmas (Is You)
14. When My White Christmas Turned
To Blue
15. It's Gonna Be A Merry Christmas
16. Mary Did You Know
1. Fast Cars & Good Looking Women
The Wilds Of Montana
A Picture On Her Pillow
Appalachian Mountain Memories
Until God Calls
I Was Made By God
The Devil Is A Woman
One Way Ticket To Hell
I Just Got Word About My Son
10. The Devil's Bottle
11. What Do You Do With A Broken Heart
12. American Indian
Louisanna Swamp Man
14. The
Old Fiddler's Last Waltz
This Land Is Our Land
My Dad
1. God's Rainbow
2. Knock And God Will Let You In
3. Blessed Are They Who Believe
4. Climbing A Stairway To Heaven
5. Can You Walk The Walk
6. I Knelt Beneath The Cross
7. One Set Of Footsteps
8. I Saw Mama In My Dream
9. Do You Hear Me
10. The Preacher
11. Angel's Gone To Heaven
12. Lord, Do You See
13. Those Old Time Gospel Songs
14. The Hand That Moves The Pen
15. As An Eagle
16. A Precious Little Soul
1. When You Opened The Door
2. My First True Love (Is Now My Wife)
3. Baby Baby You're In My Blood
4. Having Hope
5. Through Your Eyes
6. Wild Night
7. I Knew You When
8. I Just Need Someone To Love
9. Beautiful
10. Saturday Night Party
11. Death Of A Beautiful Child
12. Burn Me Once, Burn Me Twice
13. The Old Man's Last Ride Home
14. How Many Tears Must Fall
15. There's A Stairway To Heaven
(and a highway to hell)
16. I Must Leave You Now