Platinum Notes Music
Thomas Long
Platinum Notes Music

is proud to introduce Thomas Long.
Thomas is a songwriter from Jamestown,
Tennessee who I've had the honor of
writing songs and recording music
to lyrics for the past seven years or so.
Thomas is a very gifted storyteller
and has come up with great story
ideas for songs. As you listen to
the songs on this page you're sure
to be touched by the lyrics.
1. In Memory Of Shannon Rose
2. Boogie Time
3. Living My Dream
4. What Happened To Our Love
5. This Purple Heart
6. I'd Love To Be An Eagle
7. Let Me Write You A Love Song
8. The White Stones
9. My Pardner & Me
10. Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier
The Fentress County Incedent

1. Kentucky Is On My Mind
2. And You Blessed Me
3. Why Is It So Wrong
4. Piddle In The Middle Of The Rug
5. As An Eagle
6. This Purple Heart