My Services
Hello My Fellow Songwriters

If you're a songwriter and can't afford the high prices that
studio's charge to put professional music to your lyrics I
can help. If you need your lyrics rewritten or just criticed
I can help. As a songwriter I know how hard it is to get
someone to listen to your material. I set up my own recording
studio so that songwriters could get their material
recorded without paying an arm and a leg. A list of
my services and prices are below. There's a link where
you can pay through paypal, which is a very secure
site. I've worked with songwriters from Tennessee,
Texas, Australia and Colorado. Samples of my work
are below. Take a listen and let me know if I can help

Mike Bryant
1. Record Music To Your Lyrics
(Full Music, Vocals & Harmony)  ($50.00 + $ 6.00 postage)
(includes Mastered CD, Score Sheet for each
instrument, printed lyrics)

2. Rewrite Lyrics To Proper Format            ($20.00)  

3. Transform your original music to
Karaoke CD (per song)                       ($15.00 + 3.00)

4. Record Old LP's to CD's (per album)   
($15.00 per album + $ 6.00 postage)

5. Buy Song Lyrics for Hire
(this gives you no copyrights or publishing)

6. Song Lyrics For Sale
(this gives you copyrights and publishing)
Here are some samples of my work.
Just click on the song

1. In Memory Of Shannon Rose ( written by Thomas Long, Jamestown, Tennessee

Old Train 98 (written by Thomas Long, Jamestown, Tennessee

Wiggle On In (Wobble On Out) (written by Gary D. Gray, Waco, Texas
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